One thing you can guarantee in life is that there are no real guarantees, Life is full of surprises most of which are welcome, however it is the unexpected  and far less welcome areas where we can offer advice in overcoming challenges that life may throw at us.

At JPM Financial Management Ltd with financial planning and the necessary protection plans in place we aim to provide you with financial peace of mind for any eventuality that may occur on life’s journey.

You can cover yourself or yourself and a partner against;

  • Loss of earnings due to accident, illness or unemployment
  • Death
  • Diagnosis of a critical illness.

In this area we are extremely focused on advice and we recognise that it is important to work within your budget to ensure all protection needs are met. We specialise in having a good relationship with medical underwriters so the best provider is chosen . An important part of protection advice is the trust planning and at JPM Financial Management Ltd we ensure the correct trust planning is in place as part of our advice process so any life cover proceeds would be left to who they are intended for, therefore giving peace of mind.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Trust and estate planning is not regulated by the financial conduct authority.